100 Subcultures

A Journey through Diversity

The book tells the story of 100 of the world’s most fascinating and colourful subcultures


Co+ love diversity, therefore we have developed a Coffee table book about passion and understanding. The book takes a close look at all the groups and tribes that really make our world a colorful and diverse place. It is a multimedia concept that lives on the web, on TV, and offline, as a gorgeous coffee-table book.

100 Subcultures is an adventure into the human spirit and a peak behind the curtain of what is “normal” to discover thrilling attempts that diverge.

Making good branded content across different media is a tricky endeavour – but in the case of 100 Subcultures, we found this harmonious agreement between Momondo, Polfoto and TV3 and us, and the creative synergies across all of the stakeholders have really benefitted the final product.

Everybody in the media industry discusses branded content and how to work with it – but not many actually develop new, original content with the goal being to spread understanding. Co+ has developed this concept and enlisted the online travel site, Momondo, as a partner to help us spread the word.

It’s in our creative nature at Co+ to tackle projects born from a passion inside us. So many fascinating things are revealed when you explore people who choose to lead lives that are different from others.