We are proud to say that less than 4 years after launching the initial universe with singing oysters, the brand today has a 40% unaided awareness and a 80% aided awareness. This ranks Oister as one of the most recognizable advertising universes in the telecommunications industry.

The task

To uphold and ensure the telecom industry’s most effective advertising universe – the purple singing Oisters.

The solution

In close collaboration with OiSTER, Co+ developed the fourth generation of the animated music universe that started in the reggae genre. Following the reggae theme was an interpretation of the classical disco song I Will Survive and later a gangster rap with glimmering gold teeth and bouncing cars. Now, it was time to enter the world of the good old 80’s with a catchy glam rock interpretation of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock’n’Roll.

Co+ produced the new music track together with our friends at Instant Major.