3 Kommunikationsplatform

For six years, 3 has been a client at Co+, resulting in threea different communication platforms consisting of various campaigns. By the end of 2010, it was time for 3 to take the next step in positioning them stronger against increasing competition. A decisive focus on 3’s award-winning network was chosen as the differentiator and core USP. However, the challenge was that ‘the network’ is the last thing the target group worries about when choosing a new operator. The USP wasn’t sexy or engaging.

The strategy was to talk about the network emotionally, helping users make the connection about how critical a mobile phone is, in everyday life. It is actually one of the few things we return to pick up if it is left at home. Basically, it’s one of the most important things you own, but without a good network, it’s useless.

By opening the consumer’s eyes to the magnitude of one’s mobile device, we made a campaign stressing the importance of the network.

The entire communication platform was launched with a massive campaign consisting of two TVCs, outdoor, print, instore and online materials.