3 Mobile

In a competitive mobile market, which is driven by tactical campaigns, the requirements for 3’s new communication platform was to create a clear differentiation as well as to communicate the tangible benefits of being a customer of 3. In addition to the platform it had to run for a longer period of time and increase the effectiveness of the individual campaigns.

The strategic concept behind the communication platform is SAME SAME, BUT DIFFERENT and is based on the consumer insight that consumers no longer believe that there is a difference between what the telecommunications companies are offering.

The creative idea consists of two dogs which are placed in a white space where they talk to each other. Their personality reflects mobile customers today. The simplicity of the idea is to deliver specific messages which also gives  the consumers a smile on their face.In a short time the platform achieved 75% brand recognition, and cemented the perception that: “3 is the company with the best network” and “the ideal match for all those with smartphones.”