In April 2014 3 Mobile launched a brand new and very interesting product, 3LikeHome. 3LikeHome gives everybody with a Free Talk subscription the possibility to talk and be online on their smartphone in 6 countries as if they were in Denmark. 3 is the only provider in the market doing this. The challenge was to find a way to turn it to a positive thing that it only includes 6 countries, only works from your smartphone and only worked when you makes call to Denmark.

Co+ understood that this was a revolutionary product. The first thing everybody does when they arrive in a foreign country is to turn off data roaming because they are afraid of the added costs. Co+ decided to use this as the key insight in the campaign. ’Don’t worry now you can use your smartphone in 6 countries without extra costs.’ Co+ made key visuals and ads for all countries and TVCs focusing on Italy, England and Sweden.