Beovision 11

In 2012, Bang & Olufsen would bring its extraordinary TV, BeoVision 11, into the luxury hi-fi market. BeoVision 11 is one of the most alert TVs to date, fully responsive to the needs of everyone in the family, and a window into a world of digital entertainment. The challenge was for Bang & Olufsen to get consumers into shops to experience this all-inclusive, family-centric TV – a television that offers more moving experiences with one’s entertainment.

Co+ understood that BeoVision 11 was a new kind of showpiece for the living room and a better approach to living with a TV. With its unique shape, gorgeous picture and powerful acoustics, BeoVision 11 proves that technology can unite and enhance the space it lives in. The trick was to coax customers into exploring the universe of this TV, and to treat it as a full mind/body sensory experience. Co+ made a key visual, product film, ads, mailers, online banners, etc., to engage consumers with a TV that can “Challenge their Senses” and their imagination.