Press release, Oct. 2015

Kanzi® apples launches season with a new consumer campaign. In Europe the new Kanzi® apple season has started. Kanzi® experienced good growing conditions in all production regions, resulting in a high quality harvest. Kanzi®, has established its corporate identity in the past 10 years and will even work harder than ever to stand out by differentiation to get the attention of the consumers.


Kanzi® launches the 2015-16 season with a new consumer campaign reflecting the contemporary Kanzi® approach to today’s consumers: Kanzi® SEDUCE LIFE. Seduce Life communicates the taste experience of Kanzi®. Seize life by enjoying an everyday moment of luxury, reaching the outgoing, modern and active consumer with a positive mind-set. “We want the customers to know that buying Kanzi® apples will give them the energy and spirit they need to be successful and happy. A juicy and delicious boost for a successful day.”, summarizes, Henry Müller, CEO of GKE NV.

Kanzi® Campaign 2015-16

The Kanzi® website in the new look & feel has been launched in September and new advertising materials like crunchy TVC’s and radio spots are ready for launch. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany Kanzi® will organize an engagement campaign, inviting consumers to give their opinion on Kanzi®. A balanced media mix combined with tastings in supermarkets, experiential marketing activities, promotions and on – and offline advertising will immerse the consumer in the new Kanzi® SEDUCE LIFE universe.

Henry Müller concludes: “We want that the consumer recognizes Kanzi® as a modern and innovative brand with a high level of integrity, making outstanding apples that don’t just taste good but are ‘Fuelling your natural appetite for more’ and that will ‘Seduce Life’ for a moment. “

Date: October 2015