Inspirational Living

BeoVision 10, with its unique square shape and breathtaking design, is a symbol of Bang & Olufsen’s obsession with style and technology. BeoVision 10 was designed to work with other artistic furnishings in the home, like a family portrait or a Chagall lithograph, hanging vertically on the wall. The challenge Bang & Olufsen faced was in spreading the word to end-consumers about the uniqueness of this stunning television, one of the best-kept secrets in the electronics market.

Co+ developed a campaign called Inspirational Living by Bang & Olufsen, with the mission of inspiring more consumers to live better with their television. We spread the word via a competition and a campaign site, enlisting different interior stylists from around the world. Their task was to interpret Inspirational Living with BeoVision 10 as their muse. Their work was documented with photographs and interviews about their styling, with tips for consumers to find more inspiring ways of living with their television in the living room. Their visions came to life at and proved a compelling point: that BeoVision 10 is a piece of art with a purpose. Its purpose is to not only be the home’s entertainment centre, but also to uplift the space it lives in, like a painting or sculpture. Its rare square-shape glows on the wall, decoded by the eye not as a monitor, but a piece of art. The campaign reached a climax with a global competition that awarded one Bang & Olufsen customer with a new BeoVision 10, and a private home styling with a Bang & Olufsen decorator. The campaign was so successful, it attracted the attention of designer living magazines around the world who formed strategic partnerships with the brand.