Libratone 360 Scandinavian

The Task:
To rebrand and re-launch Libratone as a global wireless speaker company recognized for its exquisite design on top of its patented full-room technology.

The Solution:
Co+ began by developing a new brand concept for Libratone. We went to work interpreting Libratone’s strong core values and enforcing them in a renewed and impassioned way. The tagline was geared toward communicating the full experience in a Libratone product based on its Scandinavian heritage, which was demonstrated by the product’s exquisite aesthetics, great usability, and high quality FullRoom technology dispersing sound in 360 degrees. Together we called it: Libratone – 360 Scandinavian. Co+ created a new visual identity aligned with the entire concept and tagline. We built a marketing campaign that would build consumer involvement and enhance its appearance online as well as offline.