In 2012, Orangina Global set out to dramatize the heart & soul of their 75-year old brand in a modern way. They needed to define precisely what makes their beverage unique, compared to all the other citrus soft drinks available on the market.

For a brand to move forward, it often helps to look back. Co+ revisited Orangina’s legendary 1950s advertising art created by French artist, Bernard Villemot. His posters affirmed Orangina’s standing as a pioneering beverage brand, and ushered in an era of iconic advertising posters that would decorate cafés, coffee houses and homes.

With Villemot as the inspiration, Co+ went to work creating a revitalized version of his 1950´s poster style – dramatizing special Orangina moments under a Mediterranean sun. The result was a series of ads and key visuals that are a fresh interpretation of Orangina’s unique offering to consumers.