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Co+ is a full-service advertising agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It began in 2005 under founder Gaute Høgh.

We work with brands and businesses from around the world…from Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands, to India, Austria and the United States. At Co+ we are specialists in surveying the landscape and finding ways to make our clients stand out in a crowded market. We utilize various methods of attack, with each effort predicated on the union of strategy and creativity.

We do differentiation

Co+ is an advertising agency, which in its profile has strong strategic and creative competences. It is at the intersection between these two
competences where creativity is transformed into larger business and media contexts. Solely for you to take the lead in the market. In all these matters differentiation is key.

We do diffrentiation


At Co+ we are a collection of dedicated individuals who constantly challenge convention.

We believe in the following seven things:

  1. We believe in the power of communicating differently.
    And for the right reasons. We defy communication norms. We are people who talk, act and feel differently, because our instincts tell us to.
  2. We believe the strongest creativity is born from cooperation.
    As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Because we collaborate so closely and support one another’s ideas and success, we hire nice people.
  3. We believe in the undiscovered idea.And we work to execute it across all forms of media. That is why we often communicate on the Internet, and on television as branded entertainment, or through events that foster awareness.
  4. We believe that we’re different.
    Which is okay, because so are the brands we work with. We’re here to convert the curiosities of our brands into meaningful differentiation. These are the solutions we seek—the kind that make a difference for consumers.
  1. We believe in love and mutual respect.
    It may seem cheesy, but we’re not afraid to say that we like each other. We’re a team, an army, a family of misfits. And somehow it all works out. Advertising is a personal business, which is why we make personal values a continuous topic of discussion.
  2. We believe we’re not going to inspire anyone if inspiration, creativity and love are not flowing from our home.
    That’s where it all begins.
  3. We believe in the potential of the brands we represent.


Where to find us

Østergade 17-19, 3th.
DK-1100 Copenhagen K.


Phone: +45 3174 0000

Or directly

Gaute Høgh

Peter Kastrup-Misir
Strategy Director


If you would like to join us, send us your CV on E-mail:


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